Access Control for Your Urgent Care Clinic

RemoteLock's EdgeState is web-based software that gives you complete access control to restricted areas of your urgent care clinic and easily integrates with existing locks and management systems.

Enabling Urgent Care When (and Where) It's Needed

Urgent care clinics bridge the gap between for patients by offering an alternative to high-cost emergency room visits and primary care practices that can't immediately see patients for treatment. However, convenient locations and extended hours amplify security and operational issues for urgent care clinics. At a minimum, your access control system should be able to provide a layers of access for

  • Protecting patients and their privacy
  • Limiting access to prescription drugs and medicine
  • Securing employee-only areas

Controlling Access to Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics need a sophisticated method for managing access into and within the facilities. The best solution is software that grants access based on employee roles, integrates with existing enterprise management systems, and can be remotely managed. 

RemoteLock's EdgeState software not only gives your urgent care clinic to ability to grant and administer access, it can also provide tracking and monitoring from a centralized, web-based dashboard — keeping you informed of activity throughout your clinic.