Smart Locks

  • Easy steps to prevent smart lock batteries from dying.

    Don’t Let Dead Batteries Lock You Out of Your Coworking Space

    Keyless entry and smart lock systems offer security and convenience for coworking spaces that you don’t get with traditional lock and key systems. Although smart lock systems are reliable there comes a time, as with any electronic device, that the power source begins to die. There are easy ways to ensure you or your members are never locked out of your coworking space.
  • rekeying locks and replacing keys is costly

    Your Keys Need an Upgrade

    If you've ever lost your keys you're far from alone. More than 20 million keys get lost every year in the United States. 

    That's the problem with keys. They're little lumps of metal. Whoever has one has access to whatever's locked up.

  • WiFi Smart Lock for Rentals and Business

    The World's First WiFi Lock

    In 2012, LockState launched the first WiFi smart lock -- the RemoteLock 500i. 

    From the release at the time of launch: