Resort Access Management System

Manage Entire Resort Access Through One System

Buildings in a property management company's portfolio often have many different access control systems for managing access. EdgeState by RemoteLock's cloud-based functions and mobile applications allow guests and service people instant access "on-the-fly" to any door in the entire portfolio. The centralized dashboard allows employees at the main office who have proper permissions a valuable way to instantly create groups of locks and access time limits for certain areas. 

Eliminate the Hassle of Key Exchanges

Save time and resources by assigning temporary codes for time of stay. Use keypad instead of downloading an app. No more lost keys or rekeying. Manage and monitor the lock from long distance.

Control Entire Property Access

Manage the entire vacation rental location. Set the same or unique codes for guest rooms, pool areas, main doors, laundry rooms, and other common areas through the cloud system.

Experience in Vacation Rental Market

RemoteLock and ResortLock technology has long been a leader in the resort industry by delivering a robust and affordable access control system that is perfect for vacation property management companies or single property owners.