Condo & House Vacation Rental Management

RemoteLock and ResortLock smart locks eliminate many of the hassles of managing a rental property, including managing guest keys, lost keys, early or late check in/outs, lockouts and many others. Need to know who is accessing your property and what time?

RemoteLock's EdgeState software allows time shift scheduling, lock operation rules, and view lock usage, status and settings.

You can manage RemoteLock solutions as well as Z-wave locks, including Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale models, plus August smart locks as well. `


A Better Way to Manage Your Property

Save time and resources by assigning temporary codes for time of stay. Use keypad instead of having guests download an app to open the door. No more lost keys or rekeying. You don't have to wait around to provide the key or use lock boxes that can be broken. 

Temporary Access Codes

EdgeState provides access codes that are temporary so they only work during your guests stay, not before or after. Assign codes to cleaners or maintenance, then delete after use. Also, use the same codes on pool gates or other doors on the property.