Four Reasons to Say “Yes” to Universal Access Control

Molly Worth | July 21, 2021

Four Reasons to Say “Yes” to Universal Access Control
Multi-Family Has Met Its Match

Whether you’re managing a 10-door property or a portfolio of properties with hundreds of doors, access control often ranks as a top concern for property managers. You may have even made the switch from physical keys to smart locks on some doors with much success. You’re cutting down on rekeying costs, saving time, and improving your residents’ experience. But taking your access control to the next level—the cloud—is really the difference between having a few good tools in your toolbox and deploying a revolutionary on-site management strategy. Here, we outline why universal access control is a match made in heaven for multi-family properties looking to greatly enhance security, save time, and even boost revenue. 


#1 Universal Means Flexibility.

A cloud-based universal solution for access control like the one from RemoteLock frees you of expensive servers and panels, their installation, and the on-site personnel to manage these. You can manage the system from anywhere, using a single dashboard on your phone or laptop. Plus, it’s scalable, easily expanding to accommodate new doors as your portfolio grows or as you phase in more doors on your current properties. Best of all, universal access control gives your residents’ peace of mind on the security front—a perennial top concern for residents in properties big and small. Similar to the online security your bank uses, a cloud-based solution improves data protection without the worries of hardware failures or missed software updates. 


#2 It Manages Every Door.

Multi-family properties are often outfitted with all kinds of doors in addition to unit doors: common doors, storage rooms, laundry rooms, mail rooms, pools, and gyms. Plus, there’s difficult-to-manage access points like entrances with glass doors, parking garage doors, and elevators. If your system doesn’t control all these doors, too, you’ve got more hassles.

Fortunately, universal access control is, well, universal. Main entrances that see high levels of daily traffic need hard-wired systems. Smart locks that operate via Wi-Fi or ZWave are affordable and efficient for residential units. Those doors that may not have internet connectivity—pool gates, gym doors, or even off-site storage rooms—need a different approach. RemoteLock covers all of the above with top-of-the-line hardwired access systems, smart locks, and algorithmic locks with ReadyPIN technology that work offline. With the right platform, you can easily manage and secure the flow of traffic at your front door, grant access to a maintenance professional to enter the pool, design access permissions for residents by floor on elevators—all from one central point of command.


#3 Universal Means Hardware-Agnostic.

In the past, many access control platforms only worked with their proprietary smart locks or a limited selection of hardware choices. RemoteLock brings the greatest diversity in access devices. Choose from a robust selection of smart locks from the leading brands you trust like Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, as well as hard-wired access control from well-know suppliers like HID. Plus, this solution works with locks you already have installed at your properties, saving you the significant expense of replacing locks or worse, managing different systems for different locks.


#4 It Easily Integrates with Property Management Software.

If you’re already using a CRM or 3rd-party booking software, you’d certainly prefer your access control solution to work seamlessly with these business software solutions rather than just adding another platform. The RemoteLock platform is designed to easily integrate with other software like Entrata, Airbnb, Pynwheel, and more. An open API ensures your access control is connected to other daily business processes such as workflow, maintenance scheduling, and even HR onboarding tools.


The Only Access Control Partner You’ll Ever Need

Property managers today face a host of challenges, including increasing revenue and occupancy rates, handling resident complaints, staying on top of building maintenance, and much more. By leveraging the latest technology to handle access and security, you free up resources and staff to focus on other important priorities like growing your business. That’s why your next step is so critical. Select an access technology partner who understands that software is likely more important than the physical hardware on your doors. Contact RemoteLock’s experts today for the convenience and security of cloud-based access control with the flexibility to manage any access device.

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