Easily Manage Vacation Rentals

ResortLock is the unique solution for rental property, business, and home owners alike aimed at giving you more control over your property than ever before. The ResortLock allows property owners to provide their guests with temporary access codes that start and end when you want, so guests can’t enter your property one minute before or after you want. Not only does ResortLock provide more control than any other lock on the market, it’s the lowest cost remote management lock solution available and has no monthly fees.

Temporary Access Codes Without WiFi on Property

ResortLock allows you to grant temporary access to your rental property remotely, even if you are in another state. Utilizing free access to our code generation website, simply enter the day & time you want to start giving access and the end time. Your guest won’t be able to enter your property one minute before or after the times you specify. The lock can also provide selective access to not only your guests, but also maintenance, housekeepers, and contractors. Whether you are a management company or an individual owner that has a vacation rental you can rest assured that only authorized individuals gain access, and only when you want them to.