Entryway Access Control for Coworking Spaces

RemoteLock's EdgeState access control system is web-based and easy to integrate with the software you're using to run your business. 

Coworking at Any Scale

The term "coworking" covers a huge range of businesses, from single-location mom-and-pop operations or small businesses who are cashing in on unused space in the office they lease to large coworking operations that have dozens or hundreds of locations across the nation and globe. But no matter the scale, the potential pitfalls and headaches of controlling access to the spaces are the same. It's just not feasible to have an employee or manager in the space at all times, yet most coworking spaces offer 24/7 access to members. 

Granting Access to Coworking Spaces

Some still use keys, some have keypad- or keycard-entry, but the experience for members can be unreliable and inconsistent, and the overhead of adding, removing, and monitoring access is substantial for coworking space managers. 

Access management experts know the superior solution is an access control system that's integrated with your coworking operation's CRM. Access can be granted automatically based on payment/approval, and removed just as easily. You can track members' usage of the space — helping you to plan the next phase for you business.