User-Friendly Access Control for Mixed-Use Buildings

Molly Worth | July 28, 2021

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That mixed use building you own or manage certainly lives up to its classification. It sees a variety of users with just as many uses. Residents who live there year-round … office workers who spend a fair amount of their work-week in your building … commercial tenants who operate local businesses, not to mention their customers.

Whatever your property is comprised of—retail, residential, office, parking—mixed use buildings often require and almost always benefit from an access control system. Some access control needs are obvious: your residents need a hassle-free way to get to their apartments. Others fall under the category of “didn’t see that coming!” For example,  a repair person needs emergency access to a room while your staff is in a meeting, or a once-in-a-century pandemic makes shutting off access to the pool and gym an immediate concern.

Regardless of the user or scenario, your access control system should be flexible enough to meet all these needs and ready to manage, from wherever you are. As a first step, let’s consider how your residents, visitors, tenants, and vendors use your space. And secondly, how can access control streamline their experiences while also offering you much-needed security and cost-savings?



These days, residents have come to expect the convenience and safety of proptech without ever having to be inconvenienced by it. They want peace of mind that their building, the parking garage, amenities, and their individual units are always secure. But they also demand their access and those of their authorized visitors be seamless and flexible.  



Commercial Tenants

One tenant runs a retail store. Another manages an accounting firm. The store owner needs high security for several doors to prevent employee theft, but access control also needs to accommodate the high staff turnover inherent in the business. The accounting firm needs easy yet secure access for employees with the ability to track every entry and exit. And they both want to be able to quickly and easily revoke access without worrying about tracking down keys. 



Vendors need easy, approved access to make deliveries or perform valuable services. Downloading an app to gain access just won’t work for time-strapped vendors. Nor is tracking down a key from a manager or staff member. Plus, schedules change frequently, and vendors and their clients want to know that updates can be made on-the-spot and doors will open for that next load of produce or office supplies. 



Fear Not: Universal Access Control Has Arrived

Is it even possible to meet all these different needs? And if it is possible, can you do so without busting your budget? Historically, meeting these varied needs required investments in multiple platforms and locking yourself into proprietary hardware. Inevitably, those seeking a holistic solution took the tape-ball approach, layering on system and product, system and product. Today, with universal access control, this is no longer the case. A cloud-based, universal access control solution gives you: 

  • The ability to control access remotely
  • Improved security
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs without the need to rekey doors 
  • The ability to use different types of locks under one unified system
  • A single, easy-to-use SaaS platform for one property or hundreds
  • An open architecture that’s future proof


One Cloud-Based System for Many Users, Many Locks

Thanks to RemoteLock’s cloud-based platform, you can mix and match hardware and technologies to answer all your users’ needs. Plus, you manage them all from one centralized point of command. 


Smart Locks: Smart locks answer the needs of residents, tenants, vendors, and more. Smart locks are typically controlled using Wi-Fi or Z-Wave, which connects to the internet via a hub. Both require batteries to operate. Since these locks leverage an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, they are often the easiest and most cost-effective solution for low- to medium-traffic entries.

  • Use on interior doors or resident units.
  • Customize access, deciding who has access to which door and when.


Hardwired Access Control: High-traffic main entrances must stand up to hundreds of entries and exits each day and require long-term dependability. Access control hardware that’s hardwired doesn’t depend on short-lived batteries. This type of hardware works with a robust span of credential types and can even be customized with readers that accept multiple credentials (PIN, card, and mobile), which better accommodates residents, visitors, and vendors. RemoteLock offers hardwired access control in a variety of configurations that can be managed from our cloud-based software.

  • Secure busy spots like main entrances. 
  • Provide reliable access control on hard-to-manage doors like parking garages, warehouse doors, outdoor gates, etc.
  • Easily manage these access points remotely.


Algorithmic Locks: Algorithmic PIN codes are ideal for properties that have no internet connectivity or a weak, unstable network. The lock has a chip that uses the same algorithm as the software that issued the PIN and decrypts the time-bound access permission. This solution allows you to remotely manage your hardware by providing unique, self-expiring PIN codes for guests, housekeeping services, emergency maintenance, and more. 

  • Provide tailored access schedules without internet.
  • Quickly add or revoke access from anywhere. 


In the IoT (Internet of Things) era, making access control a priority for your mixed-use properties is not only a strategic business initiative, it’s also the expectation of your 21st century residents, tenants, vendors, and visitors. So whether you’re just beginning the process or looking to modernize outdated access technology, a cloud-based access control solution from RemoteLock poses hard-to-ignore advantages. Learn more about the smart way to improve security, maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, and bring transformative technology home to your building’s diverse users with RemoteLock

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