The World's First WiFi Lock

John Cargile | January 15, 2017

WiFi Smart Lock for Rentals and Business

In 2012, LockState launched the first WiFi smart lock -- the RemoteLock 500i. 

From the release at the time of launch:

"The first-of-its-kind, this highly secure Web-controlled keypad door lock installs in just minutes without any special equipment," said LockState. There’s no expensive equipment needed and the do-it-yourself installation takes just a few minutes.

“Our goal with RemoteLock and our other internet enabled devices was to make a home automation system that is easy and affordable for anyone,” said LockState Director of Marketing, Rob Goff. “From the easy do-it-yourself installation that takes just a few minutes, to the rules and alerts you can set from your iPhone or any Web-connected device – anyone can have a Smart Home with our user-friendly system.”


Since the initial product release, LockState has released multiple commercial and residential models of the RemoteLock and is the leader in WiFi smart locks for rentals and businesses.