Why You Don’t Need a Sales Agent on the Ground to Show and Sell Model Homes

September 3, 2019

Waiting to make contact with a home buyer can be risky, but here are some ways patience can pay off.

In the digital age, home buyers have changed the way they gather information, browse homes, and decide on purchases. Potential home buyers have the internet at their fingertips (literally!) and choose to find neighborhoods, floor plans, and prices online.

But personal connections are still crucial to making sales, especially when it comes to big purchases like a home. Having the contact information of potential home buyers gives home builders' sales agents the ability to step in and connect with buyers, sharing expertise and guidance.

Waiting to make contact with a home buyer can be risky, but here are some ways patience can pay off.

Collect More Accurate Information from Home Buyers

Most model homes are left open to the public for browsing, and having sales agents stationed at homes depends on the size and sales strategy of the home builder. With or without a sales agent present, contact information is often collected using unreliable methods. A paper sign-in sheets can be illegible, get lost, or accidentally or intentionally skipped by visitors. Agents can miss potential home buyers that slip in and out during busy showing times. 

An access control system will not only ensure accuracy of information, but it can also streamline how contact information is collected. Potential buyers can schedule showings online at their convenience. An access control system that's integrated with your CRM can be set up to automatically send an access code programmed for the requested time period. The buyer has no issue providing their contact information in order to book their visit. At that moment in the buyer's journey, it's completely understandable and logical that you'd be asking for their information. And now your sales agents have what they need to connect and nurture the lead.


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Reduce Pressure on Home Buyers without an Agent Present

Sometimes it makes sense to rely on agents to show a home. They can monitor the property, guide home buyers through the home, answer questions, and lock up when done. In other cases, it can be too expensive for a home builder to staff a model home or spec house without the guarantee of any potential buyers showing up. 

It's also possible that some home buyers might be in the very early stages of shopping — research — and having a sales agent may seem pushy or intrusive when they simply want to browse and imagine a future in the home. A remote access system gives home builders and sales agents the ability to gauge interest without being present. Access codes can be tracked in a single dashboard that shows if a model home was actually toured. Buyers that never use their access code would need different follow up than someone who did. 

Home Builders Can Nurture Leads Until the Time is Right

The information collected from access management systems gives marketing teams and sales agents visibility into a home buyer’s level of interest. Knowing which model home was shown and when the buyer visited the home can help email interactions feel personalized, not overbearing. 

Nurturing leads over a period of time gives home buyers time to digest what they saw and think about what they liked and didn’t like. Asking for feedback over email or through an online survey could get more honest feedback than nodding to a sales agent on the way out. Marketing teams and sales agents can offer more useful information based on how a home buyer reacts. 

Increase Lead Generation Remotely

A remote and centrally-run access control system allows model homes to be shown when there’s not an agent available or present. The contact information captured is often more accurate than what would have been collected by an agent, letting the agents choose when to make a personal connection with the home buyer.

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