Why All Colleges Should be Adopting RFID Technology

November 15, 2019

rfid card entry

If you’ve visited a large academic institution for a conference or other occasion, you’ve probably seen students and faculty getting into halls and other buildings by way of their ID or some other type of key fob. The technology that enables this type of access is called RFID, and universities and colleges should be aware of its benefits.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID communication takes place between a reader and a tag, which together establish credentials for access. While the receiver is usually connected to a power source, the chip is not, and actually receives power through through the induction it gets from being near the receiver. 

This means that people who need to get through a locked door can do so without relying on  a device that needs power or remembering a code. Colleges and universities can take the burden off of students for remembering keys and passcodes.


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Building Usage Tracking

RFID-based security systems can easily be connected with access control systems that give its managers usage metrics. Universities can use technology to understand how frequently buildings and other resources are being used. Those insights can be used to build a strategy around staffing and hours for certain services. Access management empowers college campus administrators to understand how their students and faculty interact with facilities. 

Scaling and Connectivity

When connected with capable access control software, RFID systems can be controlled at scale. Just like in a hotel, access can be granted and revoked at a moment’s notice, giving colleges and universities the ability to protect its students, faculty and staff from threats as they appear. As school leaders plan for growth, lock systems connected to the right access control platform can scale without trouble.

Enabling Technology with an Access Control System

RFID on its own is a powerful tool for getting quick and secure access to the hundreds or thousands of people on campus. However, it requires flexible access control software designed for colleges of all shapes and sizes to turn the tech into a real resources for campus administration. 

Regardless of the access type, EdgeState software is equipped help facilities managers improve campus safety. RemoteLock’s team of experts will help you employ an access control system and overhaul your campus security.

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