Is Your Rental Making a 5-Star First Impression?

Brad Mushovic | March 9, 2021

5 star vacation rental reviews

When’s the last time your vacation rental business made a first impression? It might have been just a moment ago when someone scanned your online property description and photos. Or was it yesterday when your latest guest arrived to check in? Could she easily enter, or did she have to fumble with a clunky lock-box, only to find there was only one key when you said there would be two? Perhaps the other key is lost in the sand at the beach, fell out of the prior guest’s pocket at the cafe, or was accidentally carried home by the plumber you called to fix the drain.

“Checking in” to a property is a misnomer, an old phrase for an outdated practice. Guests no longer need or want to meet anyone to check in, get a key, sign papers, or make payments. Today, they expect to show up and simply get on with their vacation—the real reason for their visit.

Technology has ushered in an era of hyper-convenience: Smartphones with thousands of potential apps in each of our pockets or purses; an Uber at our fingertips; voice assistants standing by and ready to answer any question. Technology has made many things easier and heightened expectations for a seamless user experience—including your guest's vacation rental experience. 

One thing is certain; guests will form their opinion of your rental based on a few first impressions, and a great access experience is fundamental. 

Want the really good news? Universal access control software not only makes for a better guest experience, but it’s also easy to implement and makes life far easier for you as a host.

Previously, great guest experiences required extra time and effort on your part. Now you can set up a remote access management solution once and enjoy the benefits each and every day with little to no effort. Easily issue time-bound, self-expiring access codes for guests, cleaners, or maintenance. Or go one small step further and connect it to your online booking service (like Airbnb or Guesty) to have access codes automatically issued through those platforms when guests book your property.

Pro Tip: Looking to make things really easy for your guests? Some hosts match the PIN code to something guests can easily remember such as a cell phone number.

Equipping your property with electronic access control is as easy as choosing your locks and software. To choose your lock, consider the following (or contact RemoteLock’s access control experts to help you get started): 

  • Lock connection technology: The easiest solution can be to purchase a lock that communicates directly to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. There are also great options that use Z-Wave or Zigbee, both of which communicate first to a hub (e.g., Vera) which is connected to the internet.  
  • Credential type: The credential is how the lock knows the right person is trying to enter. For vacation rental properties, PIN codes are far and away the most preferred option as nothing needs to be physically handed off, and they can be issued remotely and set to automatically expire when the guest’s stay is over.
  • Lock brand: There are excellent options from all of the leading brands, including Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, Igloo, and others. 
  • Aesthetics: With so many brands and models to choose from, you should be able to find one that’s just right for your property—whether it’s a modern, newly-built townhome or a classic Victorian home built in 1901.

For software, we recommend you choose a platform that can control many types of lock hardware and brands. While most access control software is restricted to a single brand, RemoteLock is continually integrating the latest locks from every major manufacturer. This means you’ll always have unparalleled choice in hardware. What’s more, you can control your locks directly from your desktop computer or smart phone, or take advantage of integrations with the most popular online booking services, such as Airbnb and Guesty. With the right software, you can automatically generate self-expiring codes sent directly to guests when they book—creating a secure and completely hands-off access solution.

While vacation rental guest standards are growing, RemoteLock makes it easy to make a great first impression. Want more 5-star reviews? Schedule a consultation today.

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