How to Attract Gen Z Travelers to your Vacation Rental

Chrissy Priest | October 13, 2020

Gen Z in Vacation Rental

If you haven’t heard much about Gen Z recently, get ready: you will. As the largest generation in history — comprising 27% of the U.S. population — the young members of Gen Z are quickly becoming known as one of the most powerful and disruptive groups to enter the world. And while they’re gaining a reputation for being extremely digitally-savvy as the first mobile natives to-date, they’re also on track to become the most well-traveled generation the world has ever seen, with more ambitious travel goals and more spending power than Millennials ($143 billion in the U.S. alone). But what are Gen Z’ers searching for in their travel experiences, and how can managers of vacation rentals satisfy their needs and wants? 

Read on for travel trends and tips for how to attract Gen Z travelers during and after the upcoming holiday season. 


of Gen Z travelers have stayed in a vacation home. 

By 2022, members of Gen Z are projected to represent over 75% of the key consumer demographic for Airbnb. As of today, the oldest members of Gen Z are 24 years old, meaning investment in travel — specifically vacation rentals — will only continue to grow as Gen Z travelers get older. 



80% of Gen Z’ers are seeking “a unique travel experience” by “living like a local.”

Gen Z has been nicknamed “True Gen” for their desire to connect on a deeper level with the people they meet, the products they purchase, and places they visit. What could be more authentic than staying at a vacation rental in a unique location? Give Gen Z guests a true local experience with personalized recommendations that are off-the-beaten-path, and don’t be shy: 56% want an “adventure experience” when traveling, such as paragliding or bungee jumping. 



of Gen Z would want to stay in a green or eco-friendly accommodation.

Another notable trait of members of True Gen is their awareness of the environment, even picking up yet another nickname: “Generation Give Back.” 54% of this generation state that travel’s environmental impact is an important factor when deciding on a vacation destination, and even 60% will look to use more environmentally-friendly methods of transportation once they arrive. Vacation rentals that provide bikes or discounts on rideshare services will undoubtedly appeal to Gen Z, and those that show an interest in eco-friendly efforts will set themselves apart from competing rentals. Consider smart home products such as smart thermostats, energy-efficient lighting, and solar capabilities to boost your home’s efficiency, save money, and to improve the guest experience.  



66% of Gen Z uses more than one internet-connected device at a time.

As true digital natives, Gen Z’ers are accustomed to using multiple IoT devices to carry out many of their daily tasks, including sourcing and booking travel plans. Offering high-speed internet is certainly a plus to Gen Z travelers, but also offering technologically-advanced features is a true stand-out from other vacation rental properties they may be considering. Seamless access control systems with smart locks, such as RemoteLock, offer the convenience, security, and flexibility that Gen Z values by using unique access codes instead of physical keys. For you, access control means no more late-night guest lockouts, inconvenient key handoffs or replacements, and a unified system that tracks all comings and goings on your property. It can also seamlessly integrate with booking software like Airbnb for ultimate simplicity.

Learn more about RemoteLock’s integration with Airbnb. 



of Gen Z travelers ranked traveling as most important when considering how to spend their money.

Gen Z’s growth and tremendous buying power will present prime opportunities for the hospitality and travel industries, particularly when vacationing is clearly top-of-mind for this generation. In order to keep up, owners of vacation rentals should take note of Gen Z’s habits and preferences when considering where to travel next — with the right strategy, they might decide on your property. 

Contact RemoteLock today to see how universal access control can improve the guest experience for all generations across all your vacation rental properties. 

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