How to Control Any Lock from Anywhere Using RemoteLock

Chrissy Priest | January 19, 2021

Control Any Lock from Anywhere Using RemoteLock

Improving access control across your properties should be one of your priorities for 2021. Within the next three years, 54% of businesses are expected to upgrade to a more sophisticated access control system, according to a recent survey by HID — and with scalable, intuitive solutions like RemoteLock, it’s now easier than ever to take the leap. But one of the greatest concerns around access control software is its ability to integrate with legacy systems and diverse hardware; in fact, in 2019, 45% of security directors, managers, and consultants identified flexibility as the top concern when considering access solutions. As you set your goals and establish your tech strategy for the new year, make sure you’re choosing an access control platform with ultimate integrability, like RemoteLock Universal Access Control, to make installation as easy and cost-effective as possible. Here’s a quick 3-step look at how RemoteLock enables a frictionless access solution for any door, any lock, and any property.  


Step 1: Identify doors 

Glass doors, garage doors, entry gates, elevators: You likely have a wide range of door types across your properties, and sourcing a software platform that works with them all is more challenging than it seems. In addition, each of those doors likely requires a different access approach to enable different experiences for each user, such as residents, employees, maintenance teams, and delivery personnel. RemoteLock not only controls any door — even those that are difficult-to-secure, like glass doors and elevators — but it can also compile all doors into Door Groups. For example, a multi-family property may have one group of ten amenity doors for common areas, and one group of 100 residential doors for long-term residents. Within RemoteLock’s platform, a property manager can compile those ten amenity doors into a single door group and those 100 residential doors into another door group, and then assign a certain set of users to each door. This greatly simplifies management of a property with a large portfolio or a diverse selection of doors, and allows for greater visibility of an entire property from a single platform. 


Step 2: Choose your locks

Locks aren’t as simple as they used to be. From smart locks and electronic stand-alone locks to hardwired access control systems, it takes time and research to source the best locking solution for each door across any property. And most often, a typical property requires a variety of different locks to suit the needs of the door being secured. RemoteLock offers the largest selection of hardware on the market from industry-leading smart lock brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, August, Yale, and others, in addition to hardwired access control systems from HID and more. For properties with an existing access solution in place, RemoteLock provides the hardware flexibility needed to implement an access control platform quickly and effectively, since it works with smart locks that are already installed on the property. For businesses just beginning their access control journey, RemoteLock offers ultimate choice and scalability for when their access needs change down the road. 


Step 3: Streamline management with universal access control 

After identifying doors and choosing the right locks for your properties, it’s time to put access into action. A universal access control platform like RemoteLock gives you real-time control over all of your properties, doors, locks, and users, so you can monitor access from anywhere at any time from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop. Grant, adjust, or revoke access settings for any user, change access codes at the touch of a button, and save yourself the hassle of unplanned or emergency on-site visits. Read more about the benefits of cloud-based access control here


Ready to explore the transformative capabilities of a universal access control platform? Contact RemoteLock today to see how our solution can work for your business. 


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