Smart Locks: The Power and Versatility to Secure Any Door

January 13, 2020

Smart locks have power in their versatility.

Smart locks have power in their versatility. Being able to fit technology-enabled locks on any door gives retailers of any type the capability to control access anywhere and everywhere it matters. Every door is an opportunity to reduce risk or improve the organization at your store.

Below are just some of the places that retail managers can use smart locks, backed by access control software, to ensure security.

Inventory Rooms

Stock and inventory are priority number one for businesses that need to sell it. Smart locks on inventory room doors allow retail managers to limit access based on authority level. When expensive merchandise is being stored, access can be limited to those who should have it.

Management Areas

Often, the place of retail operations is also where the administration takes place. Because most of the space is dedicated to the customer experience, it can be hard to create a dedicated space for management. Managers need ways to ensure the privacy of personnel and proprietary information stored on the premises. Access control systems effectively limit office access to those with the right credentials.

Server Rooms

Computer systems are often the backbones of retail spaces that rely on technology for their customer experiences. Tampering with hardware, whether intentional or accidental, presents a huge risk to any business that needs to be 100% functional from open to close. Prevent employees from treating your server rooms like personal break areas.


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High volume retail spaces aren’t public-access lavatories. Having to clean or restock restrooms can take salespeople away from the work that matters most. Managers looking to limit bathroom usage to employees and paying customers have a solution in an access control system that secures any door they have.

Cash Rooms

In spite of the highly digital retail landscape, stores are still tasked with properly securing large volumes of cash. Even with closed-off safes, the concern of internal theft remains. Retail managers don’t have to worry about their employees when there’s a solid security mechanism in place. Access control systems built for retail businesses of all sizes leave managers assured that cash rooms are only accessed by those they trust.

Break Rooms

Employees on break deserve to be spared from interruption. With a protected break room, workers can properly recharge for their next shift on the sales floor. Retail spaces with dedicated rooms can use access control to restrict guests from entering these spaces without the right credentials.

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