Security Issues of Leaving Model Homes Open to the Public

August 23, 2019

broken in door on model home

Being able to show a house without an agent or salesperson has benefits for the prospect and the builder, but there are some downsides. Property misuse and property access control are serious concerns, but with a trusted access control solution, these concerns can be relieved.

Lack of Control Over Who Goes In and Out

Builders benefit from being able to have prospects complete agentless showings on schedules more aligned with prospect time demands. With online forms fronting remote access software, lead generation can happen even without an attended showing. Builders need to provide access remotely, monitor prospect visits, gather information and learn prospect likes and interests to move the sales cycle forward.

An access control system for model and spec homes solves these problems by giving builders control over who goes in and out, and when — access managed from anywhere. An effective access control dashboard lets property managers know whenever a door is locked or unlocked, giving homebuilders, realtors, and salespeople the power to grant and revoke access, protecting the property from theft and vandalism.

Open Doors for Cleaners and Maintenance

Model homes are built to demonstrate to potential home buyers how the house will look, feel, flow, and function while emphasizing the latest new home features, appliances, furniture, and accessories. Therefore, the homes must be accessible to cleaners and maintenance teams scheduled around showings to ensure everything looks great and works. This is even more important in spec homes built to sell quickly for a profit. Access software needs to provide an easy way to schedule and grant permitted access to cleaning and maintenance crews so that homes look and function their best for prospective buyers. 

Misuse of Property

Leaving a home open to the public always presents a property safety issue. Not knowing who is going in and out of the home gives an unwanted opportunity to those willing to steal the furnishings.

RemoteLock’s Edgestate software gives builders with smart locks the ability to monitor when any door is locked or unlocked. Property owners and builders know in an instant which codes were used and when, making it easy to narrow down which parties are responsible if an incident of vandalism or theft occurs. Also, incidents are much rarer when the person in the home knows you already know who they are.

A Secure Access Solution

Theft and vandalism are clear barriers to being able to show a model home without a sales representative. With access control solutions for newly built homes, builders can mitigate those concerns. EdgeState gives property owners the tools to monitor access to their homes and control when people can visit them – remotely. Our access management system is easily integrated with a wide range of wifi and Bluetooth-enabled smart locks. Reach out to talk about how EdgeState can help your business.

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