Making Retail Management Easier with Access Control Software

January 30, 2020

Retailers can utilize smart technology to alleviate their concerns over many retail issues. 

Retail managers have a lot to keep track of. Employees need to be accounted for, inventory shipments need to be received, and the access of outside maintenance and repair crews needs to be managed. All these things can tie up retail managers from doing the work they’re expected to do for their employer.

Retailers can utilize smart technology to alleviate their concerns over many retail issues. 

Simplifying Employee Time Tracking 

Time tracking is one area where retail managers can benefit from automation. Employees often have a manual time tracking system, which requires that they clock in on a computer or app. Oftentimes, employees forget to clock in and out, whether from simple negligence or from being absorbed into a given day’s busy retail environment. 

Time tracking neglect can be a pain for employees and managers alike. An opening is created for potential disputes about the time that was worked. As many retail employees are paid hourly, this type of issue can easily become contentious and cause unwanted workplace friction.

A solution to this problem would be one that strips employees of the responsibility of punching the clock themselves. With the right technology in place, entering the building from an employee entrance can be what triggers a punch-in with whatever system is in place. Modern access control systems have integrations in place that can send event data to time tracking systems, making time tracking easier for all parties. 

Receiving Shipments and Deliveries

Retail stores often have limited hours, but the shipping and delivery industry is operating around the clock. Many stores have categories of inventory that simply cannot be delivered during business hours. And leaving packages outdoors is not an option. 

Access control software can be what bridges the gap between deliveries and retail managers. Delivery services like FedEx and UPS can be given codes to temporarily access the retail store in your unavailable moments. Access can be scheduled ahead of time, based on when shipments are expected. This way, retailers can protect their shipments and minimize the risk to their stores. 


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Managing Repair, Cleaning, and Maintenance Crews

Keeping a functional retail environment is a key part of creating an appealing shopping environment for customers, but for retailers without internal staff for complex repairs, coordinating with maintenance professionals can be a real hassle when their work needs to be done outside of business hours. 

Similar to how after-hours deliveries are accomplished, cleaning and maintenance crews can be administered credentials in the form of a smart lock access code that allows them entry without a manager or other employee present. 

Ease the Pain Points of Retail Management

Retail management involves a mix of different duties. In today’s busy retail spaces, managers can use any help they can get to make their jobs easier. RemoteLock’s EdgeState access control software was created to give retailers an easy way to administer access to their properties. This cloud-based solution is built for retailers of any size and can accommodate many types of users and access schedules. With RemoteLock’s tested software, retail managers can get back to doing the work that matters the most. If you’d like to see what access control software can do for your retail spaces, give us a call.

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