RemoteLock and Sleepbox Partner for Access Management at Sleepbox Nap Lounge

Kim Garcia | December 3, 2019


DENVER, CO – December 3, 2019RemoteLock, the leading provider of cloud-based access control and smart lock management software, today announced it has partnered with Sleepbox to administer access management for their micro-hotel units. These nap pods are located in the Sleepbox Lounge at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), Concourse A.  

Sleepbox Lounge at IAD offers 16 private, secure, quiet pods that travelers can reserve, on an hourly basis, through the Sleepbox smartphone app. The app enables customers to reserve, and also unlock the room and control its features—creating a seamless, on-demand hospitality experience. The pods are secured by RemoteLock’s OpenEdge smart locks which are controlled via a direct API integration to the Sleepbox application. The integration allows passengers to receive an individual, expirable door access code upon booking their reservation in real-time. 


“We needed a proven solution that ensured a stress-free way for travelers to gain entry to their reserved pod within moments of their booking. RemoteLock’s API and lock options solved that perfectly,” said Peter Chambers, co-founder of Sleepbox. “We partnered with RemoteLock because of their solid reputation developing similar access management applications in the vacation rental market that require continuous smart lock access code updates as guests change.” 

Dulles International Airport serves more than 24 million passengers a year and is the first airport in the world to offer Sleepbox. Since opening in April 2019,  Sleepbox Lounge at Dulles International has served over 3,000 travelers. Additional Sleepbox Lounges will open at airports across the United States in 2020.  

“Our goal in partnering with Sleepbox was to manage access to their revolutionary Sleepbox Lounge in a way that seamlessly blended guest security and ease of access to the pods for travelers,” said Nolan Mondrow, founder and CEO of RemoteLock. “Our platform and API capabilities can support the rapid growth that is ahead for Sleepbox and we are excited to partner with them in on-demand hospitality.” 

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About RemoteLock 
RemoteLock is the leading provider of cloud-based access control and smart lock management software. Its cloud-based application, EdgeState, consolidates connected locks on an easy-to-use SaaS solution enabling customers to remotely control access for guests, employees and support staff, saving time, money and manpower.  RemoteLock opens doors across the world more than 100+ million times per year, secures doors in more than 65 countries and engages with more than 40+ million users on its EdgeState software application each year. RemoteLock is headquartered in Denver, CO. Learn more at

About Sleepbox
Sleepbox, Inc. was first founded out of M.I.T. three years ago in Boston by Mikhail Krymov and Peter Chambers. In response to their own travel frustrations, Krymov and Chambers identified a need in the marketplace that was not being met for the new generation of travelers.  The company’s Sleepbox rooms have seen three years of testing in two European hotel locations. Its patented, modular, stand-alone technology brings accommodations to where travelers need them the most. Sleepbox takes a luxury-minimalist and technology-driven approach to the hospitality industry, offering rooms with Wifi, Bluetooth capability, mood lighting, a memory foam mattress, privacy, and security.  In addition to the Dulles project, Sleepbox has begun projects with other major airports. Sleepbox is also set to open Sleepbox Hotels in major cities by 2021. The hotels will provide lodging in a needed niche between traditional hotels and hostels. The company can launch a hotel wherever it’s needed – near the gates in an airport or in the heart of a city. 

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Kim Garcia is the director of dealer marketing for RemoteLock. She has over 17 years of strategic marketing management and sales experience in the physical security industry. Prior to joining RemoteLock, she held marketing leadership positions with PSA Security Network and Inovonics. In her role with RemoteLock, she oversees all facets of channel marketing programs that drive integrator partner recruitment and engagement.