Overcoming today’s uncertainty to build a better rental business tomorrow.

Grant Miller | May 1, 2020

Overcoming today’s uncertainty to build a better rental business tomorrow.

The economic impact of COVID-19 is undeniable. Business leaders around the world are being forced to adapt to what we’ve started calling “the new normal.” It’s anything but normal. We’re facing the most unpredictable health crisis in a century. It’s a big deal, and we’re right to be stressed. 

Those of us managing rentals are facing some immediate challenges; cutting non-essential expenses, rapidly changing budgeting, and scrambling to do more work remotely. Vacation rental owners are unable to tap into revenue they’ve grown to rely on. Multi-family property managers have been thrust into managing access from off-site while still providing showings to potential tenants. These are just a few of the problems we have to solve today, and who wants to guess what we might have to tackle tomorrow. 

The silver lining, faint though it may be, is that managing rental access from your newfound self-isolation doesn’t have to be hard. Long before the world turned upside down, we at RemoteLock have made it our passion to revolutionize how managing property access works. Cloud-based access management is already tried and proven.

And here’s the real good news—upgrading your access control today will better prepare you for tomorrow, whatever it may hold. Cloud-based access cuts costs, puts an end to managing physical keys and rekeying doors, and even enables some profitable, new amenities. Here are just a few things cloud-based access control can do for your rental business.

Unattended showings for rentals.

Self-guided tours help reduce social contact which reduces risk for you and your employees while also saving time and money. Moreover, potential renters love being able to tour on their own schedules. RemoteLock enables you to provide temporary, self-expiring access from your laptop or smartphone. Simply upgrade your lock hardware with Wi-Fi connected technology from any major brand, including Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, and more. 


Concierge services that tenants love.

Provide new services that tenants will want to pay for. By being able to quickly provide customized access to anyone, you can enable package deliveries, trash services, dog walkers, and more. 

As an example, a dry cleaning service could provide a new source of revenue for your rental. No need for bags of laundry to sit out in the hallway or an office—create schedules for each employee, so they only have access when and where they should. Monitor everything from a single dashboard and see when each pickup is completed. Manage access for all of these new services from a single software platform that’s easy to use and built to handle rentals at any scale. What services could make you money today and tomorrow?


Housekeeping and maintenance.

Provide tenants with extraordinary service by working smarter, not harder. Schedule housekeeping access and track when cleaners enter and exit your property. Quickly add or revoke access for unplanned maintenance or schedule changes. Monitor each employee’s access to make sure work is completed on time. You’re always in complete control of your property’s access.


No lost keys, no locked out tenants, no rekeying.

Now more than ever it’s vital to manage your property from anywhere, and let’s be honest—mechanical keys are a liability. Guests lock themselves out and lost keys can fall into the wrong hands. Who wants to deal with physical key handoffs and rekeying doors during a pandemic?

RemoteLock let’s you manage all of your access from anywhere. Provide smart access using PINs, contactless prox cards, and even smartphones. If you have been managing jangling keychains, now is the perfect opportunity to make the switch.


These are just a few of the ways cloud-based access can open new doors for your business. You may have had to press on the brakes and reevaluate your business plans during this crisis, but the last thing any of us want to do is sit on our hands. This might just be the right time to invest in your properties and make an upgrade that will help you survive today and thrive tomorrow. We’re rooting for you.

RemoteLock is here to help. We are the leading provider of cloud-based software for smart lock management and access control. RemoteLock empowers users to remotely manage access for renters, guests, employees, clients, and contractors—saving you time and money. We provide the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to control any door, using any credential with locks from every leading manufacturer—all from a single dashboard.


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