How Smart Is Your Smart Lock Really? 

Kim Garcia | June 9, 2020

smart locks aren't all the same

If your search for a better way to manage access at your multi-family property started because of the complexity, hassle, and cost of keys, then you’re in good company. You’re also not alone if you first turned to finding which wireless smart locks could meet your needs. After all, they are an important part of a complete access control solution for multi-family communities and portfolios. And while it’s certainly true that all wireless smart locks are not all alike, that’s even more true about the software that controls them. In the end, the decision around software should be the driving criteria. 
An effective access control solution allows you to provide access for staff and residents to the places they need, when they need it. Property managers, maintenance teams and sales professionals all need access to the right parts of the property to keep the community running smoothly and residents need access to their individual units and shared common spaces as well. When choosing an access control solution to meet these various needs, wireless locks alone simply won’t do. It’s important that your access management software provides the right remote management capabilities, differentiates administrative needs for employees based on their roles, enables business continuity during unforeseen circumstances, and is a future-proof solution for your business.


Simplified Remote Access Management 

It's essential to be able to remotely manage access in real time and the right software at the heart of the system enables that capability. If a wireless lock can only be managed or configured when onsite, it’s not much better than a physical key. The ability for resident units and common door locks at the edge of your system to receive access updates in real time via a centralized software is imperative. 
How many times have you found yourself managing multiple properties and having to travel between locations in order to coordinate access for your maintenance or sales teams? Have you ever had upset residents because a key handoff went awry and you couldn’t promptly fix a problem? The right software can solve these problems. The wrong software won’t.
Well-designed software will simplify remote access management with sophisticated access rules, schedules that manage temporary access, and reporting. With it you can customize system administrative rights based on staff roles. For instance, it may be appropriate for a community manager to only manage a single property, a regional manager to manage multiple properties within a specific geography, and a portfolio manager to have access to manage all properties. Maintenance staff and others have their own access needs. A software solution like RemoteLock can accomplish this level of administrative rights management all from a single dashboard that can be accessed around the clock from anywhere.


Business Continuity 

Business continuity is top of mind perhaps now more than ever. How many times have you had to scramble to provide urgent changes to access rights? It might be a terminated employee, a severe weather event, or perhaps even a global pandemic. But when the situation demands it, you need the ability to immediately change access permissions from wherever you are. With the right remote access management solution, you can still make critical access changes when needed such as removing access to common areas for all residents, removing access credentials for individuals, or providing maintenance access to resident units without having to be present for key handoffs. 


Future-Proof Systems 

The multi-family industry is in constant motion. With ever-present property acquisitions and organic market growth, you may face the challenge of selecting an access control and management solution that can grow with you as you expand your own portfolio. When you acquire other properties, those locations may already have access control systems or wireless locks in place already.

Historically, that meant you had to decide whether to continue managing the system as is—and manage a hodgepodge of systems, technologies and software—or rip it out and replace it with another solution which is costly. That is no longer the case. You can bring the access control of acquired properties online quickly, without having to rip and replace hardware in most instances, by leveraging a software solution that can control multiple smart locks. Most software doesn’t do this, however RemoteLock has integrations with all of the leading lock brands as well as software integrations—offering a more future-proof solution so it can be the last access management system you’ll need.  
While you may have started your search for an access management solution with wireless smart locks, the crux of an exceptional long-term solution rests in the software that manages them. Every property has different access management needs and Remotelock is able to handle various doors, credential types, and lock hardware all on a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard. With RemoteLock you can enjoy additional operational benefits on your properties that extend beyond the capabilities of a smart lock alone. 

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Kim Garcia is the director of dealer marketing for RemoteLock. She has over 17 years of strategic marketing management and sales experience in the physical security industry. Prior to joining RemoteLock, she held marketing leadership positions with PSA Security Network and Inovonics. In her role with RemoteLock, she oversees all facets of channel marketing programs that drive integrator partner recruitment and engagement.

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