Change the Way You Approach Multi-Family Access and Security

July 9, 2020

remotelock dashboard for multi-family property managers

When a lock breaks or is otherwise in need of repair, the easiest thing to do is to simply replace the hardware. But is that really the best thing for your business? Instead of thinking about broken locks as an annoying maintenance issue or a line item in your budget, consider them an opportunity to enhance your tenant experience while saving time and resources for your staff. With an access management system that allows you to remotely control doors and other access points via cloud-based software, you can turn unmanaged doors into true value-adds for your multi-family property. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider investing in a complete access management system.


1. Complete security control

When we’re talking locks, security is always the main priority. If the lock isn’t secure, there’s really no point in discussing anything else. But security is about more than just a sturdy doorframe and a heavy-duty deadbolt. It’s about controlling who can access your building and when. With an access management system, you gain total control over all of your doors, whether they’re for individual units, located in common areas or in service areas only used by staff. You can manage access from anywhere on any type of door, putting technology behind your locks and other hardware to provide complete security for your multi-family property.

Speaking of hardware, a system like RemoteLock is hardware agnostic, meaning it will work with smart locks or other connected hardware from any leading brand. So, if you’ve already invested in hardware or have a preference in the type of lock you use in your buildings, you can often add that hardware to RemoteLock’s system with only a few simple steps. That versatility will be important in future-proofing your properties and maintaining security over the life of any access management system you choose.


2. Easier access makes everything easier

Access is all about making life easier, and with an access management system, you get convenience built into every door. Tenants can grant access to trusted individuals when they need to, and property managers can remotely allow cleaning or painting crews into vacant apartments, or let prospective tenants take their own self-guided apartment tours. This is especially helpful considering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Being able to offer self-guided tours helps you avoid business disruptions while protecting your staff and tenants. So, not only does improved access control make life easier, it also makes it safer and more profitable.


2. Cloud access and easy-to-use dashboards

For property managers, one of the best reasons to invest in an access management system is the freedom that comes with a cloud-based system. You can access the system from anywhere and resolve issues (such as letting an emergency plumber in at 4 a.m.) without having to be physically present at the property. This flexibility helps in non-emergency situations too and allows you to focus on more important aspects of the job without having to worry about doors and keys.

With an access management system that features robust dashboards, you can also quickly view data and take total control of your system from one simple interface. You can set custom access schedules, personalize access for individual users at each property you manage, and view detailed reports to identify opportunities for greater efficiency in your maintenance and service operations. With an intuitive system that’s easy to use, you don't need to be a tech wizard to manage access. All you need is a computer or smartphone and a desire to streamline operations for your property management business.


4. Upgraded technology is a value-add for tenants

These days, the amenities tenants want are changing. They want to feel in control of their space and increasingly expect multi-family buildings to come equipped with new technology in tune with their lifestyle. An access management system helps you meet these expectations by making it easier for tenants to control access to their units. Tenants can let in delivery personnel, cleaning services and maintenance staff right from their phone. This is especially in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. But having more control and better technology will always be seen as a value-add for most tenants. The moment you send tenants a fob or text them a PIN code instead of handing over a metal key, you’re signaling to them the type of experience they can expect from your property. This type of premium renter experience can help you reduce tenant turnover and maintain consistent revenue month over month.


5. Save money in the long run

Complete access control and enhanced security are great, but in the end, money talks. And this is where an access management system can really prove its worth. By investing in a system that streamlines operations, reduces the time it takes for maintenance staff to complete jobs, and generally reduces the burden on your property management staff, you can cut costs over the life of the system. You will be able to dedicate that time and those resources toward revenue-generating activities that help improve the bottom line.

Investing in an access management system when you really only need a new locking doorknob may seem like overkill. But when you consider all of the benefits for you and your residents, you’ll see that access management systems are simply the way the multi-family property management industry is moving. By acting now to take control of your unmanaged doors, you can add value for tenants, make life easier for staff and ultimately increase the value of your multi-family properties.

Ready to upgrade security and access at your multi-family property? Contact RemoteLock or schedule a demo of our innovate access management software system.

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