Managing Facility Access around the Academic Year

November 22, 2019

students entering building

Colleges and universities operate under unique schedules. The academic calendar is filled with holiday observations and other seasonal breaks. The school schedule puts college campuses in a continual state of flux. The shifting orientation of campus can create imbalances between students, resources and staff. This creates openings in campus safety patterns that could put students’ security at risk.

Controlling student access during breaks

When students go on break, there is usually a limited closure of facilities like residence halls and gyms. Depending on the school, the expectation is that students will stay off campus. However, reality doesn’t often reflect this. It often happens that a minority of students live on or near campus during breaks. Additionally, campuses are less staffed during breaks. There are less residence advisors to monitor dorms, staff to maintain buildings and security to monitor the campus.

Because of the break in staffing, facilities are vulnerable to being exploited. Regardless of intent, students will attempt to use the resources they’re accustomed to having access to. If the proper access control system isn’t in place, students are free to potentially roam buildings and facilities not intended for use. 

Summer’s Unique Security Challenges

The potential security issues that shorter breaks present are compounded during the summer. Many colleges and universities repurpose their facilities and dormitories for the non-academic public. Sports camps, conference attendants and symposium guests staying on campus could unwittingly trespass into a building where they’re not supposed to be, and outsiders could exploit the reduced security presence on campus. When campuses are equipped with smart locks and access control, a visitor with access to a residence hall will be limited to the dorm. With a smart access control system, campus officials can prevent trespassing.


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Scheduling Year-Round Access Control

Access management for campus buildings should be centered around a flexible application that gives its administrators the ability to control locks from anywhere with a WiFi connection, and accommodate ever-changing schedules like the ones inherent in academic calendars. Campus and university leaders can restrict access to a multitude of facilities from a single place. They can even schedule one-time temporary access for visitors on campus for single day conferences and symposiums or construction and maintenance crews. Access control systems give campus facility managers the assurance that buildings and other resources won’t be abused by unusual visitors.

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