Manage Maintenance and Cleaning Crews for Model Homes and Spec Homes

August 29, 2019

With a remote access system home builders can manage cleaners and maintenance crew.

Opening a model home or spec home to the public gives home builders an important opportunity to wow prospective home buyers. The appeal of the show home will hopefully turn them into leads, or even better, into owners. So it’s best for builders to keep their show homes to a high standard of function and cleanliness. But with all-day, 7-days-a-week showing schedules across dozens of homes, it can be hard to keep track of cleaners and third-party maintenance workers. Home builders should be able to alleviate concerns about safety, cleanliness and scheduling with a single solution.

Scheduling Contract Workers

Home building companies want to create the ideal experience for their prospects. Often times, the only party present with visitors is a sales agent representing the home builder; or potentially a buyer could tour a home without a sales agent. Having cleaning crews or contractors present during showing hours has the potential to ruin the model home experience. 

Give Access without Giving Up Security

Home builders are better off scheduling cleaning and repair crews after hours, but this presents its own issue of inconveniencing staff to be present to let them in. The traditional method of handing off a key or set of keys leaves the builder vulnerable to untraceable theft or misuse of the space. Additionally, home builders can’t be sure that cleaners and maintenance crews they’ve contracted haven’t made duplicate keys of their own. 

A Complete Solution

An exhaustive approach to managing access to show homes and spec homes is one that is able to grant temporary access with complete control. The best door access control systems grant unique codes to cleaning crews with limited times for entry that prevent inappropriate service times. Home builders can see what doors are being accessed and when. They can view relevant information on their model home and spec home locks from a unified dashboard.

RemoteLock’s EdgeState software provides seamless access control for home builders. Easily integrated with existing or new smart locks, builders can manage cleaners and maintenance crew access virtually anywhere. If you’d like to talk about this reliable, scalable solution, speak to one of our access control experts who understands the unique needs of home builders. 

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