Maintaining 24/7 Security in a Coworking Space

September 3, 2019

Coworking spaces may need to be accessed after typical workday hours.

Coworking managers are responsible for creating a clean, professional and accessible environment for members, but they shouldn’t sacrifice security to do so. 

Coworking spaces may need to be accessed after typical workday hours to give members the workspace they need to be productive and to give third-parties the ability to maintain the coworking office. 

Ensuring Security for Coworking Members Working Late Nights

Some coworking spaces offer ultimate flexibility in work hours by allowing member access 24/7. While coworking members might take advantage of extended hours, having traffic into the building at any hour of the day or night can create a security risk. 

It’s important that members feel safe working late hours when they are alone in the building. Well-lit entry areas create a sense of security, but an access control system actually secures the building from anyone that shouldn’t gain entry. A cloud-based remote access control system allows coworking managers to monitor code activity without being present at the building.


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Granting Coworking Members Access to the Building to Move into Offices on Weekends

To avoid disrupting other coworking members during the work day, new members might opt to move into their space on the weekends. While it’s still important that the entry doors remain secure during move-in, new members will also appreciate being able to easily access the coworking building every time they need to bring something inside.

To maintain coworking space security, managers should discourage members from propping open doors or leaving them unlocked during their move. Instead, having a remote access system integrated with the coworking office’s CRM gives new members the ability to request access for a specific period of time. Access codes can automatically be delivered via email or text, easing the burden on coworking office managers to be present during the move. Access can be revoked after a set period of time, which gives extra control over who and when someone can gain entry into the building. 

Managing After-Hours Access for Cleaning and Maintenance Crews

Cleaning and maintenance crews are often scheduled during non-peak hours. This is usually after 5:00 pm when a majority of coworking members — and coworking office managers — end their day. The ability to administer short-term access codes to cleaning and maintenance crews gives coworking managers control over who gets access and when they get access. Coworking managers can also track when codes are used, so they will know when a maintenance job or cleaning should have been completed. 

Using a Scalable Access Control System to Maintain Coworking Space Security

The ability to know who is accessing a coworking office creates a sense of security for members and managers. RemoteLock’s EdgeState software gives coworking space managers the ability to administer, revoke, and monitor access to multiple entry ways and doors from a single cloud-based dashboard. Request a demo or contact a RemoteLock representative to find out how EdgeState can work for your coworking business. 

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