How to Read the Minds of Home Buyers

August 23, 2019

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Home builders do their best to present their homes with the most alluring features to get people to buy. Model homes may have strong traffic, but many builders are falling short of the true goal: generating leads. Capturing key data on potential buyers while they’re searching for their next home enables builders to supply valuable leads to their marketing teams.

Can Builders Discover Buyers’ Interests?

Builders already understand the importance of showing an appealing model home to potential buyers. Model homes are typically filled with most ideal finishes to get prospects excited about what would be possible in their own home. But how do builders know which home features are most attractive to their leads?

Equipped with the appropriate data, builders can better understand what home features their contacts find appealing. Salespeople can follow up with their leads and dig deeper into their motivations.They can ask why a prospect why they looked at the homes they chose to tour and what compelled them to visit a second or third time.

Capturing Home Buyers’ Contact Information

Home builders know leads are important. A sign-in sheet is a common and simple way to capture contact information from model home visitors. While this seems like an easy and standard solution, sign-up sheets often go unnoticed or ignored — or visitors provide fictional or illegible contact information. And having an agent on-site who demands legible contact information is tricky because it feels pushy and invasive, and the encounter can sour the home buyer’s experience in the house. 

With a scalable access control system, builders know when locks are accessed and re-locked. And with the right integrations, builders can allow visitors to schedule viewing appointments that grant access codes, directly from their website.


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Making the Most of Prospect Info

Having home buyers fill out a form online to schedule their visits to model homes means the contact information can be captured in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Access control software integrations make it possible to automatically generate and deliver access codes to your prospects. 

With door access information at their fingertips, marketing teams can target prospects through email campaigns, and tailor messaging based on details from their visit, like what home layouts they viewed, or how many viewing appointments they made. 

EdgeState software gives lock owners the power to send communications based on when a door is locked or unlocked, giving home builders the ability to send a nice text or email when the showing is over to keep their house at the top of their prospect’s mind. Agents can use the entry alerts to know when it might be a good time to stop by and chat with the shoppers.

Upgrading Your Lead Capture

Home builders have a lot to gain from capturing the interests of their home visitors. Traditional lead capture done with written sign-in sheets is ineffective at giving owners and agents key contact information for model home visitors. Employing a remote door lock access management solution enables home builders to target key prospects using information from their show house visit. It also makes it possible to have secure and productive showings when agents are not available.

RemoteLock’s EdgeState solution provides home builders with a cloud-based solution for lead capture. Our access management system is easily integrated with an array of smart locks. Let’s have a conversation.

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