How to Maximize Use of Coworking Conference Rooms During Non-Peak Hours

August 29, 2019

Using remote access control to let coworking members use conference rooms during non-peak hours.

Coworking spaces often clear out after 5:00 PM when the typical work day is over. Coworking space managers may want to find ways to use the space during non-peak hours or weekends and bring in additional revenue. 

Additional Uses for Coworking Space Conference Rooms

Conference rooms aren’t just for video calls and presentations. Community groups are often looking for open spaces to host gatherings. Opening up a coworking space to non-members not only fills the space when it would otherwise be empty, but it also increases the visibility of the coworking space to future members in the community. Conference rooms offer enough space for small, local gatherings — just be sure to schedule a cleaning before the work week begins!

Meet-Up Groups

Meet-ups are becoming popular after work events. They provide an informal setting for professionals to network and discuss new ideas. Instead of meeting in noisy bars or having to rent out private rooms in restaurants, coworking spaces offer clean and open spaces to host this kind of event. Conference rooms come equipped with presentation equipment and offer plenty of seating and open space for groups of people to gather and mingle.


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Book Clubs or Hobby Clubs

Groups of hobbyists and friends might form informal book clubs, craft groups, or hobby groups. What starts as a reason to get together with friends and catch up sometimes turns into a regular meeting or club. Instead of gathering at a member’s house or coffee shop, conference rooms at coworking spaces might be more attractive locations for meetings. Hosts don’t have to worry about tidying up their home before or after the meeting, and conference rooms are often large enough to accommodate the typical group size. 

Local Alumni Gatherings

Informal gatherings of alums from universities and colleges across the country are common and popular in many cities. They're a great way for newcomers to a city to quickly find a "tribe," and they often have professional networking benefits as well. Often the gatherings are publicized and draw enough attendance that a venue needs to be reserved. For smaller groups, using a coworking space’s conference room could be the perfect size. Most coworking spaces have the amenities needed to facilitate alumni gatherings — from kitchens to projectors. 

Small-Business Events

Members or non-members may want to use the space for events. Small-businesses can use private spaces to pitch to potential clients over dinner or host company functions or trainings.  

Conveniently Manage Access Control to Conference Rooms 

Coworking space security is always a concern, especially if the space will be accessible on the weekends and after hours. Remote access control systems eliminate the need for a receptionist or coworking manager to be present to monitor access during special events.

An access control system integrated with a CRM allows members and non-members to request use after hours and on weekends. Only after the group has been vetted and the space has been paid for will an access code be sent. Codes can be set to only allow entry for a specific time and area of the coworking building, so coworking managers know that private offices and other conference rooms cannot be accessed.

Remote Lock’s EdgeState allows coworking managers to quickly and easily add or remove access to buildings and internal doors. Connect with a Remote Lock representative to request a demo or to see how EdgeState can help streamline access control to your coworking building.

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