How to Manage Remote Access for Model Home Showings

August 23, 2019

woman receiving a model home access code on her phone

The purpose of a model home is to showcase home layouts and materials for potential buyers, inspire those shoppers enough that they imagine themselves living in the home and neighborhood, and get them to engage with a salesperson to start the journey of buying their own. 

In many new communities, model homes are open to the public for 2-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. In smaller or more mature communities, it turns into more of an open house model, limiting access to when an agent is available or during blocks of hours over the weekends. We’d all agree, having an agent or salesperson greet and engage with every touring family is ideal, it’s just not always feasible. 

Granting Access Anytime (that it’s appropriate)

When a model home center is managing several homes that are available to be viewed, they also need to be able to manage access to the properties remotely. With a door and entry-way access control system like RemoteLock’s EdgeState platform integrated into their CRM, the sales team can automatically distribute access codes for showings. There’s no time wasted coordinating with the real estate agent or sales representatives in the field. Even if no one from your team is available, the potential home buyers can take a tour and you’ve captured their contact information. If someone is available, they can pop in and chat with the shoppers; but access to the home is not dependent on the agent’s arrival.


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Better than Requiring a Phone Call

In the advanced technological world we live in, requiring someone to make a phone call and schedule a showing with a live person feels like a big barrier to getting the lead. By also offering the option for a shopper to complete a form on the builder’s website — providing their contact information — and then receive email and/or text confirmation with their access code and showing window, the home builder is lowering the barrier to engage. 

Don’t Wait

The dangers of leaving model and spec homes open and unattended are obvious, so keep the homes secure while simultaneously expanding your showing potential. 

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