Five Ways to Manage Access to Coworking Spaces

August 19, 2019

There’s a number of options available for managing entry into a coworking space.

It’s definitely not hard to unlock and open a single door. But consider the magnitude of entry points into an office building. Now consider the number of entryways a coworking space may have. Suddenly the task of managing access is a little more daunting.

There are a number of options available for managing entry into a coworking space. Here are some of the more popular ways to grant access, ranked from least to most sophisticated. 

5) Traditional Lock and Key

Keyed locks are the most traditional way to manage access into any building. Although it’s a familiar option, there’s a long list of downsides when it comes to using keys to access a coworking space. Since keys can easily be lost or copied, security is a major concern. Coworking space managers might feel compelled to rekey or replace locks fairly often as turnover happens and keys aren’t returned. Given the number of doors that might be, the costs can add up quickly.

4) Receptionist and Security Staff

To create a welcoming and professional environment, many coworking spaces keep the doors unlocked as much as possible and have a receptionist greet members and their guests. Many members appreciate the human interaction, but a receptionist is not a 24/7 solution. After-hours access is very difficult to manage if it requires someone to be physically present in the space.

3) Doorbell or Buzzer Entry System

Another option to manage entry into a coworking building is to have a doorbell system. Members and guests can ring a doorbell and get “buzzed” into the building. Keeping the doors locked from the outside creates a sense of security at a coworking space, but it could also cause frustration if members have to request access every time they’d like to re-enter the building. Companies also need to consider the ongoing expense of having someone monitor and allow access on the other end.

2) Swipe Badges, Cards, or Fobs

Issuing badges, keycards, or keyfobs is another common solution to coworking building access. The badges and keycards are usually lightweight and around the size of a credit card. Fobs can be attached to keyrings, so coworking members will usually have it in tow. These devices can be paired with an electronic access system that tracks entry, but this method also comes with downsides. Just as with traditional keys, badges, cards, and fobs can be lost or stolen. It may be possible to revoke access in these cases, but members that are slow to report lost cards create security risks. 


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1) Smart Locks with a Cloud-Based Access Control System

Internet-connected door locks and access systems are quickly gaining popularity — and for good reason. The most secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to control access to a coworking space is through the use of smart locks and an access control system. They offer convenient and low-maintenance solutions, and can even be integrated into the business’ CRM, HR or Human Capital Management system through an API. The right access control system can also handle non-traditional entryways like gates, garage doors, and more. 

Choosing the Right Entry System for a Coworking Space

Every entry method has pros and cons, so finding the right solution can be tough. At a minimum, access control for coworking spaces should be secure, convenient, and scalable. Coworking managers should not only consider the needs of their members, but also their own needs. No matter the size of the space and membership list, a coworking manager benefits from the ability to track when members enter and leave

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