Expand Model Home Hours Without Increasing your Salesforce

August 29, 2019

Using remote access system lets home buyers tour model and spec homes without an agent.

Home Builders Should Extend Their Showing Hours

Home Buyers Want to Tour When It’s Convenient for Them

One problem with trying to show a house is the time that's most convenient for the buyers isn't necessarily convenient for the seller. Many home buyers want to tour homes in the evenings and on holidays when they're off work. Unfortunately, sales agents would also appreciate being off work in the evening and on holidays.

Home Buyers Might Perceive Pressure with the Builder's Agent Present

Home buyers have online access to a lot of information — from pricing, interior photos, reviews about the builder, and more. Virtual browsing is often the first step in a home buyer’s journey, and in-person showings show significantly more desire and intent. But keep in mind that home buyers might still be collecting information when they tour your model homes and they don’t want an agent pressuring them for a sale before they are ready. They might even be turned off by feeling "sold to." Giving access to tour model homes on their own time and at their own pace can create a more relaxed experience for home buyers. You've still collected contact information so that you can follow up to move the sales process along. 


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Create a Better Viewing Experience for Home Buyers 

Expanding hours can help relieve the chaos of peak showing hours. With traditional showing hours, most home buyers have limited times of the day to view a home. Expanding the hours spreads out the viewings and creates a better viewing experience for potential home buyers. It gives buyers more time and privacy to browse model homes. 

Your salesforce can also benefit from extended hours. Home builders can staff show homes for the busier times of the day and have sales agents pop in during a showing of a qualified buyer — maybe someone that’s back for a second look. Letting visitors use an access control system to gain entry during low-volume hours frees up your sales agents to focus on other marketing efforts or nurture more qualified leads.

How to Let Home Buyers See Your Model Home — at (Almost) All Hours

Having sales agents on call or stationed at model homes for showings day and night doesn’t make sense for most home builders. The money and resources spent on these showings might not generate significant ROI, but selling a house only takes one buyer — home builders don’t want to miss out on making that connection.

A remote access system allows prospective home buyers to tour the house, even when sales agents aren’t present. Potential home buyers can book appointments online and automatically receive an access code for their time slot, but the doors remain locked until then.

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