Enhancing Security without Sacrificing Patient Experience in Urgent Care Clinics

November 18, 2019

Ways to enhance security and access control while preserving a retail-like experience for patients.

While protecting patients’ physical wellbeing and personal information are the main objectives of medical care providers and the regulations that oversee them, providing a streamlined and convenient experience is also top-of-mind for many medical clinics. One of the most persistent concerns is how to protect assets and people from external security threats. 

Here are some ways to enhance security while preserving a retail-like experience for patients that revolves around quality and convenience.

Discreetly Deter Theft and Misbehavior

The physical presence of a security guard or video cameras can be enough to stop both employee and external offenses, but these can create anxiety among patients. Instead, find discreet ways to signal that security is taken seriously. Displaying signs to communicate that there’s little cash on hand or that staff has limited access to prescription drugs can discourage people from trying to breach security. The presence of a high-quality locks on every door can also ward off threats, while actually providing a layer of protection, by showing that security might not be as easy to crack. These signs are subtle deterrents that don’t indicate to patients that they should be alarmed or concerned for their safety.

Document and Train Staff on Safety Procedures

“Expect the unexpected” are, unfortunately, words to live by for urgent care managers. Urgent care clinics aren’t immune to facing disgruntled employees, volatile patients, or indiscriminate wrongdoers. Training employees to be on the lookout for suspicious or erratic behavior —  and how to respond — can be key to quickly deescalating and preventing dangerous situations. Smaller clinics often have smaller budgets and are unable to find sophisticated security systems that many larger hospitals have, so it’s up to employees and physicians to be prepared and know how to safely react.


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Control Access to Restricted Areas of Your Clinic

Expensive equipment, medical supplies and prescription drugs all need to be protected from theft and misuse. Given the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of urgent care clinics, clinic managers need a system that streamlines access management — whether it’s changing access to level, setting it to a specific schedule, or completely revoking it. Invalidating credentials for former employees or scheduling temporary access for employees (like contract nurses or traveling pharmacists) can help keep your facility secure at all times. A sophisticated access system lets clinic managers control multiple credential types individually, behind-the-scenes, and almost instantaneously.

Keep a Log of Access Records to Audit History

The ability, not only, to control who has access to restricted areas of a medical clinic, but also to track when these areas were accessed is a powerful way to prevent issues. Smart locks should be integrated with a cloud-based control system that stores access information. A log of who accessed what, when that area was accessed, and who issued or changed a credential or access permission, is important for holding employees accountable. Individually-administered credentials and a centralized dashboard that documents access activity makes it easy to keep a watchful eye on what’s going on in your clinic, even when you aren’t there. 

Electronic Access Controls Can Create the Right Balance of Security

Urgent care clinics have to balance creating procedures that enhance security while maintaining a patient-centric environment — after all, patients often choose urgent care clinics for quicker service and more patient-friendly atmospheres. Thoughtful safety measures and enhanced access control lets urgent care clinics manage security without sacrificing patient experience.

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