Don’t Let Dead Batteries Lock You Out of Your Coworking Space

August 26, 2019

Easy steps to prevent smart lock batteries from dying.

Keyless entry and smart lock systems offer security and convenience you don’t get with traditional lock and key systems. The benefits are amplified when used for coworking spaces, where managing individual keys for any number of temporary tenants and monitoring traffic in and out of the building can be difficult. Although smart lock systems are reliable there comes a time, as with any electronic device, that the power source begins to die.

Regularly Check Your Smart Lock Batteries

For smaller coworking spaces, it can be easy enough to perform regular battery checks on your smart locks. If coworking members start to report delayed responses in recognizing access codes, it could that your smart lock batteries are nearing the end of their life. Regular battery checks can catch weak batteries before they completely give out.

Have an Access Control System that Checks the Batteries for You

Checking each smart lock may not be the most efficient method to ensure the batteries don’t die for large-scale coworking businesses. A smart lock systems managed by a cloud-based access control system can be set up to send alerts when the batteries are low. Coworking managers just have to be diligent about replacing batteries when they receive the alerts.


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Choose Smarter Smart Locks

Some smart locks save battery power by going into standby mode when not in use. Rather than constantly being connected to WiFi and checking for new codes or commands, locks will be in standby mode until a “heartbeat” wakes them up to check for updates or a user presses a key. This method ensures extended battery life for smart locks at coworking spaces, since there’s likely little to no traffic after the workday is over and on the weekends.

Have a Backup Method for Unlocking Your Smart Lock

While smart locks are primarily controlled by a cloud-based access control system, most smart locks have a deadbolt that can be manually overridden with a key. While it’s not ideal to have to manage keys for every entry, conference room, and office door in a coworking space, having a key ensures that a coworking manager can always gain access to a space in case the batteries have died.

Always Have Access to Your Coworking Space

Remote Lock’s smart locks and EdgeState software are scalable and reliable solutions to access control for coworking spaces. Contact a Remote Lock representative to find the right lock for your coworking space or to request a demo.

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