Comparing Home Access Technologies for Model and Spec Homes

September 3, 2019

Which type of door lock technology is the best for a home builder today, and what are the trade-offs?

Managing disparate house visitors with a single home security solution has been a big issue in our age of technology. In spite of the latest and greatest technologies that have come about in the last 10 years, keys and padlocks are just as ubiquitous as ever. Which type of door lock technology is the best for a home builder today, and what are the trade-offs?


Anyone who has stayed at an AirBnB is sure to be familiar with the hard lockbox hanging on to the home owner’s door knob. The standard lockbox with a preset number combination is a time-tested solution that gives home builders the ability to let any visitor access a key to their property. A short numerical code is all the visitor needs to retrieve the key from the lockbox, so sales agents can easily remember the access code and maintenance or cleaning companies can quickly communicate to their crew that's dispatched to the home builder's location. 

The issue with this solution lies in its non exhaustive security. Once a visitor gets access to the home, they are immediately accountable for the key. Losing the key means losing access for a home buyer or sales agent, but also deprives home builders of their sense of security. These locks also usually have a preset code, or one that has to be set directly on the lock. Nefarious home buyers or maintenance people can easily get away with using a code revisit a model or spec home without permission. For home builders that want to allow easy access to potential home buyers, there are certainly better options than the standard lockbox.


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Electronic Locks with Keypad Entry

A more secure alternative is to employ a deadbolt or lever lock with an electronic keypad. The increased security of this type of lock comes from the ability to set longer codes (typically 4 to 10 digits) and more of them (usually less than 20). These electronic locks usually run on standard AA batteries. 

Home builders will be satisfied with the increased security of this type of lock, but maximizing the benefits of electronic locks relies on the home builder to actively monitor the locks. Managing codes and knowing when to change batteries requires a physical check of the lock. Administering access across multiple model homes, spec homes, or neighborhoods can be a pain for home builders to manage as well. 

Smart Locks with Wifi/Bluetooth Access

The smart lock brings the typical electronic lock to the next level with features that make them a viable option for home builders. A greater number of codes can be be given at a time; beyond that, lock access codes can be managed from mobile or desktop applications. Home builders and sales agents can see which codes are being used to unlock their doors, and can view when their deadbolts are re-locked. These locks usually require the lock to be connected to the internet via Wifi. Bluetooth locks require a phone for access, but the principal features are the same.

Secure Access Control for Model or Spec Homes

There are a variety of home security options for home builders looking to remotely administer access to potential home buyers, sales agents, and maintenance or cleaning crews. They vary mainly in their ability to scale, so home builders that manage access to multiple model homes and spec homes are most likely to put their trust in a reliable smart lock paired with an intuitive, remote access management app. 

RemoteLock provides home builders with both. Talk to a RemoteLock representative today to discuss the benefits of a remote access management solution.

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