RemoteLock Rollout: New Platform Features & Updates

Eric Carlson | September 29, 2020

RemoteLock Rollout: New Platform Features & Updates

Our RemoteLock team is always learning and working to make our platform the best-of-the-best, which is why I’m excited to announce we have a bunch of new features! Our goals this year have been focused on scalability and improving our user experience, and I’m here to share the accomplishments that are the result of a ton of hard work by our Engineering team. RemoteLock wouldn’t be what it is today without our incredible group of developers! Keep reading to check out a few of the latest changes to the RemoteLock platform.


Groups of Door Groups


What’s changed: Individual doors can now be placed into basic groups and assigned to users accordingly.

How it works: Let's say you're setting up a building that has hundreds of doors and an access policy that calls for fifteen different sets of accessible doors for fifteen different types of users and guests. How do you make configuring that building easier? You lump individual doors into basic groups, like "Amenities", "Elevators", or "Stairs", then make the Door Groups to be assigned to users out of those basic ones. That's now possible! You can now put Door Groups in other Door Groups. Any customer with a complicated access policy or a huge number of doors will benefit from this new feature. (You can benefit even more with a brand new, scalable interface for our Door Groups page — Coming soon!)


Locations in the Device Table

What’s changed: Device locations are now viewable in the Device List to make organizing and tracking locks even easier.

How it works: If you're managing locks spread out over a bunch of Locations, the Devices list can get confusing. Two storage closets a thousand miles apart can't both be named "Storage Closet.” Instead, you have to use some clunky naming convention like "South Building - Storage Closet" and "North Building - Storage Closet". But why should you need to when you’ve already told the system those locks are in different Locations? To make operating at-scale easier, we now show Locations in the Device List. And it looks great.


Lock Registration UI (with optional Smartcard Setting)

What’s changed: Users can now choose whether to enable or disable a battery-draining card reader when registering a lock. 

How it works: The new locks we're shipping can take both PIN and prox cards, which is a huge step for our hardware! One drawback of taking cards, however, is that the card reader eats up battery. As a result, we need to give the admin the choice of whether the card reader should be disabled, enabled, or enabled only after a button press. There was no good way to do that on the lock registration dialog that we had, so we redesigned our dialog in the style of a wizard, with multiple steps. Now if the user is registering a lock with a card reader, they will be able to choose whether to enable or disable that battery-draining reader. And the whole look & feel is better.


New User/Guest Dialog


What’s changed: We’ve updated the interface for creating new users and guests to create a smoother, faster, and easier experience.

How it works: When creating a new User or Guest, there can be a lot of fields to manage, for example: name, email, Dept., Door/Group/Location, Schedule, yadda yadda. The dialog for creating new Users and Guests has gotten long. So our awesome front-end engineers rebuilt these most-used-of-all-forms from scratch to give them a new, more modern interface. We also updated the technology behind them so that future updates will be easier and faster. The result is a new, much improved form for creating Users and Guests. Of all the little pleasing tweaks to the interface, the updated interface for setting guest dates and times is one of the best! 


In addition to the features mentioned above, our team has also rolled out multiple updates to improve our existing integrations and to make our user interface a little prettier. 

  • Support for Multiple August Accounts: Connected by August integration is one of our oldest and trustiest integrations, and it can now hook up one RemoteLock account to multiple August accounts. 
  • New Table Styles: We've updated the table styles with new transparent headers. 
  • Vera Integration Enhancements: We’ve made a host of improvements to our Vera integration that will make the connection between RemoteLock and Vera more reliable.


Curious to learn more about RemoteLock’s platform and how it can transform your business? Contact us today for a consultation.


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Eric Carlson is Vice President of Product for the RemoteLock software platform. With a background in user-centered design, software engineering, and with more than a dozen years in product management, Eric is happiest when finding easy-to-use, delightful solutions to hard problems. Before coming to RemoteLock, Eric built marketing software for globally-distributed teams, day trading platforms for international banks, and training systems for fighter pilots, among other things.

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