Best Smart Lock Practices for Airbnb

John Cargile | December 8, 2017

Manage Airbnb

Getting a key to an Airbnb guest can sometime be a challenge. Airbnb Business Travel Ready Hosts actually need to offer 24 x 7 access to the property. Smart locks can a great way to manage access and even monitor when guests arrive. 

Below are some tips for managing guest access:
1. Create codes with access limited to the booking dates through an Airbnb-integrated lock.

2. Provide a new and distinct code for each Airbnb guest.

3. Ensure all default codes have been removed from the locks.

4. Create distinct backup codes for owner's use.

5. Utilize notifications to be informed of authorized or unauthorized access events.

6. Get warnings for WiFi outage or low batteries.

7. Offer 24 x 7 access to properties using smart locks.

8. Remove access codes for cancelled reservations.

9. Use unique codes for cleaners and maintenance staff.

10. Have emergency physical key backup.

John Cargile