Access Management is the Remedy to the Growing Pains of Expanding your Urgent Care Clinic

November 13, 2019

How to use access control systems to manage multiple urgent care clinic locations.

Urgent care clinics are springing up in cities across the United States due to their convenience, efficiency, and cost. If you are thinking of expanding your urgent care clinic operations, there are some growth-related complexities to consider.

Managing Access to Multiple Locations

Streamlining how physicians, staff, and maintenance crews get access to multiple clinic locations isn’t easy when expanding your practice. Traditional locks require managing dozens — or hundreds depending on the scale of your clinic — of physical keys and are a huge security liability. Keys can be lost, stolen, or copied. And mitigating security risks in these events is costly and time-consuming, which involves changing or rekeying locks and distributing new keys.

Smart locks are practical answers to managing access across multiple locations. They are just as reliable as keys when it comes to unlocking a door, but since they are electronically managed, they are the more secure and manageable solution. Credentials or codes can be programmed for various levels of access and can be scheduled for specific times. Roles can be assigned to give access for one, a few, or all entry points and interior doors within any number of clinics. With the right software, it’s easy to create an access hierarchy and schedule that ensures physicians and employees have access when and where they need it.


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Managing Schedules Across Locations

As practices grow, physicians and staff members often start to serve patients from multiple locations. Keeping locations secure, but making sure staff, physicians, and maintenance know when and where to be are critical to successful operations. With software that lets you integrate with existing scheduling and communications systems, you can let employees know where they are expected to be and the codes they need to access these locations. When scheduling across multiple locations is simplified, operational employees can shift their focus to improving other processes.

Monitoring Activity when You Aren’t Physically Present

As your clinic or practice evolves, time is likely to get split between multiple locations. Overseeing multiple locations can he tough if there’s not a dedicated person to monitor activity and operations at each one. Modern-day access control software lets you remotely monitor activity from a centralized dashboard. The ability to grant, deny, or completely revoke access from cloud-based software on your smartphone or computer ensures that each location remains secure and protected. 

Taking Control of Your Expanding Urgent Care Practice

As your practice grows, you might encounter several operational or security issues. Smart locks and access control software provide practical solutions for a variety of these growth-related obstacles. Connect with a RemoteLock representative today to discuss how EdgeState can help address these issues.

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