Access Control for Protecting Campuses' Sensitive Areas

November 14, 2019

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Colleges and universities have a lot to protect. From protecting students and professors to important research and administration documents, academic institutions have major security concerns. Furthermore, colleges and universities are research institutions with major safety concerns. Hazardous equipment and chemicals can easily put unassuming students at risk. The stakes are high for academic institutions looking for a solution to secure their people and property. Implementing a capable access control system can give building and facility managers peace of mind with seamless security.

Maintaining a Safe Open Culture

By design, colleges have a culture of being open and sharing, but it’s important that they also be safe. All institutions need to be equipped with the means to protect their most critical information. Academic departments should be able to establish a security system that keeps their doors open when it’s time, but also creates clear guidelines for when they’re locked. Modern access control platforms provide the means to create a schedule that defines times for access. This allows facility managers to set clear guidelines for usage that benefit students and faculty alike.

Adhering to Research Safety Standards

Ensuring the safety of students, staff and faculty alike is a primary concern for colleges that conduct potentially dangerous research. Hazardous chemicals and equipment are present in some of the same buildings where students have class. Universities will often have a single building for a research area like Chemistry. Classrooms are adjacent to labs and storage areas, which presents a risk for those who manage the building. The incentive for ensuring that only the most necessary personnel have access to dangerous chemicals and materials is high for universities of any size. A code-based access system can ensure that only the right people have access to sensitive areas at all times. 


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Sensitive Areas Worth Protecting

The college environment is a hotbed for many controversial issues. From personal violence to sexual assaults, campuses are places where interpersonal incidents frequently occur. Campus administration and facilities managers should be able to change the security orientation of their buildings at a moment’s notice. 

Residence Halls

In personal spaces like residence halls, students often lose keys, which presents a liability to housing managers. Access management platforms paired with smart locks allow housing facilitators to keep residents’ room secure at all times.

Fraternity Buildings

There are times where it’s important that only the members of a sorority or fraternity are allowed in their houses, where there are often rules around visitation. Access control systems can be used to limit access to certain individuals and define rules around times of access.

Access Control from Anywhere, for Anywhere

A connected access control solution can address all of these concerns and more. With smart lock technology that can be controlled from anywhere, university facility leaders can create security schemes that improve the safety of the hundreds to thousands of people who interact with its resources.

The best systems allow its administrators to change the security settings of individual or groups of locks on the fly, in case an emergency occurs. RemoteLock has put such systems in place for many organizations. Contact us for your solution.

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