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A whole new level of convenience and control…

With the LockState Connect Wi-Fi camera, you can monitor your home whether you are on vacation, at work or on the road. Even set and receive text messages with screen shots when motion is detected.

Control from Phone or PC

Monitor your home from computer or phone

Keep your home within reach… like in the palm of your hand. Gain peace of mind by checking in on your home, pets and loved ones from anywhere.

10/03/12 2:38PM
Hall lamp turned on.

Stay in the know

Set and receive text alerts when motion is detected. Even choose to have an image sent so you can see what the motion was all about.

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Wi-Fi stop there?

The Wi-Fi camera is part of the LockState Connect system and will incorporate additional Wi-Fi home devices such as locks, thermostats, motion sensors and more. Even set rules for device interaction (turn on light when door is unlocked).

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    Rules and

    Use our rules engine to set intuitive If/Then rules for your lock and other devices. Set a rule to check if your door is locked every evening and if not, to lock it. Set alerts for when certain codes are used. Even set conditions for one device to effect another (turn on thermostat or light when door is unlocked).

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    Low Monthly Fees

    LockState Connect carries a low monthly fee of just $0.99 per month! Upgrade to premium features like advanced rules and alerts for just $0.99 more.