Remotely Control Your Lock Over the Internet!

DB-500i RemoteLock

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Image description Available in lever or deadbolt.

A whole new level of convenience and control…

With the internet controlled RemoteLock, you can lock or unlock your door remotely. Know who enters your property and when. Receive text alerts when codes are used. Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone. Even give temporary codes to neighbors or guests.

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Control access to your door from your computer or phone

Keep your home within reach… like in the palm of your hand. Lock or unlock your door from your phone. Add or delete user codes. And receive text alerts with your lock’s activity.

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Provide temporary access to guests, friends or neighbors

Want to give your neighbor access for a week to feed the pets while you’re away? No problem… create a simple temporary code that lasts for the week. Also perfect for rental properties!

10/03/12 2:38PM
Julie unlocked Front Door.

Stay in the know

Receive text alerts when codes are used or lock status changes. Even view lock history to see who entered when.

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Wi-Fi stop there?

RemoteLock is part of the LockState Connect system and will incorporate additional Wi-Fi home devices such as thermostats (available now), power-plugs, motion sensors and more. Even set rules for device interaction (turn on light when door is unlocked).

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    Rules and

    Use our rules engine to set intuitive If/Then rules for your lock and other devices. Set a rule to check if your door is locked every evening and if not, to lock it. Set alerts for when certain codes are used. Even set conditions for one device to effect another (turn on thermostat or light when door is unlocked).

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    Power Management

    We’ve give you the power to manage power settings. Choose to have your lock connect with the internet less often (like every 5 minutes) to conserve batteries or increase frequency for more responsiveness. Your lock will always immediately connect to the internet when any button is pressed as well.

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    Low Monthly Fees

    RemoteLock carries a low monthly fee of just $0.99 per month! Upgrade to premium features like advanced rules and alerts for $0.99 more.

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    do-it-yourself installation